Green Political Goals

Peace and Nonviolence
  • no war in Iraq
  • US foreign policy based on cooperation with United Nations
  • signing of Kyoto and other international accords
  • reduced military presence abroad
  • US support for equal treatment of all Israeli residents, whatever their ethnicity

Social Justice and Liveable Communities

  • accessible health care and low-cost health insurance for all
  • full support for education at all levels
  • free public education K-16
  • limitation of corporate farming
  • support for small-scale and family farms
  • full support for women's reproductive choice
  • full rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people
  • full rights for the disabled
  • equal access to opportunity for all ethnic and racial groups
  • support for organized labor; end to outsourcing
  • gender equality in wages and access to education and employment
  • end to death penalty
  • right to legal counsel for all residents, including non-U. S. citizens
  • repeal of the Patriot Act
  • shift in crime control methods, from imprisonment to prevention
  • expanded drug treatment programs
  • full compliance with treaty rights for Native Americans
Democracy and Electoral Reform
  • campaign finance reform to limit vote-selling
  • ballot access for third party candidates
  • instant runoff voting to permit widest possible voter choice
  • end to policies which restrict minority voting
  • restrictions on monopolies in media control
Ecology and Earth Stewardship
  • strict pollution control measures: clear air and clean water
  • use of renewable energy, lessened dependence on fossil fuels
  • preservation of forests, wildlife and wilderness lands for future generations
Community-Based Sustainable Economics
  • higher minimum wage to provide a living wage (e. g. $10 hourly)
  • progressive tax policies: no tax breaks for the wealthy or tax havens for wealthy businesses


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