Iowa Green Party State Meeting

Saturday, May 6th, 2006
Uptown Bill's Small Mall
Iowa City, IA

Wendy Barth, Linn County
Ted Pfeiff, Scott County
Ray Meyer, Wapello County - "Greater Iowa Green Party"
Rick Johnson, Des Moines County -"Greater Iowa Green Party"
Paula Sayres, Des Moines County -"Greater Iowa Green Party"
Bill Boos, Johnson County
Florence Boos, Johnson County
Larry Orr, Van Buren County - "Greater Iowa Green Party"
Daryl Northrop, Polk County
Joe Aulwes, Polk County
Joel D'Onofrio, Scott County
John Jennewein, Johnson County
Jim Paprocki, Black Hawk County
Gail Ardery, Johnson County
Holly Hart, Johnson County
Kelley Putman, Johnson County

We would like to honor the memory of three of our members who have passed away recently. Tim Harthan (Palo Alto) was Iowa Green Party 2002 candidate for U.S. Senate, Iowa Green Party delegate to the 2004 national nominating convention, and member of the Emmetsburg City Council. Cathy Livingston (Black Hawk) was a long time member and recently elected to the Black Hawk County Soil and Water Commission. Fr. Ralph Leach (Woodbury) was one of the main Northwest Iowa coordinators during the 2000 Nader campaign, and a mainstay of progressive politics in the Sioux City area.

MORNING 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Greetings by Tom Waltz, director of Uptown Bill's
Greeting from Iowa Green Party co-chair, Wendy Barth

Opening Speech - Daryl Northrop, Iowa Green Party 2004 candidate for US Senate, presented a brief, encouraging and motivating opening speech. This will be posted on the Iowa Green Party website.


The "Greater Iowa " chapter is set for outreach to individuals in rural and "underdeveloped" areas of the state. Rick Johnson has created a blog "Being Green in Iowa," which is for the Greater Iowa Green Party's use. They also invite all Iowa Greens send in articles, news items, suggestions, etc.

Scott County/Quad Cities - Joel D'Onofrio participated in the "Si, se puede" march last week; Ted Pfeiff reported on past activity speaking at Davenport West High. Students have been receptive and ask good questions. Unfortunately, schools' schedules no longer accommodate these presentations. Members are in contact with Illinois Greens, and planning to help out with the Illinois Green Party ballot petitioning.

Polk County/Des Moines - Daryl Northrop represented the Iowa Green Party in the ACLU's recent Voting Rights workshop in Des Moines. Attenders were very open and receptive to Greens in general, a good atmosphere. The Polk County Green Party is set up as PAC, for the purpose of being able to use funds for campaigns and other party activity. Joe Aulwes has worked on refining their website, making updates and improvements.

Black Hawk County/Waterloo-Cedar Falls - Jim Paprocki reported that Black Hawk County has just finished re-doing their website; it's now updated and improved, very nice. Black Hawk County is focusing on specific issues and getting involved in coalitions (Cedar Valley Fairness Alliance: equal rights for sexual orientation). The Iowa City Press-Citizen may have an article by Jim Paprocki and David Larson in the near future. Their activity is not "in name of party" but in terms of coalitions; hopefully, this will raise awareness and associate the Green Party with people who advocate progressive ideas.

Johnson County/Iowa City - activities have included observing and commenting on recent school board issues; working on some city council elections; several members are part of "Electing Progressive Women." The Johnson County Green Party is a part of the local peace coalition. Bill Boos joins the weekly anti-war vigil. He also visited the Physicians for Social Responsibility conference held recently in Iowa City. Gail Ardery is on the Steering Committee of local progressive organization FAIR!, currently working on fair housing. Kelley Putman was elected in 2004 to the county Soil and Water Commission.

Linn County/Cedar Rapids - Wendy Barth was a speaker at the I-RENEW Expo last fall, leading a discussion after a showing of the film "End of Suburbia." Linn County Greens hold a monthly film/discussion or speaker series. Good for community outreach. In Cedar Rapids, people need to go somewhere where they can talk, not feel they're the only ones with their point of view and politics. A popular film was "Global Brain" - a positive message about the evolution of the planet and human awareness. Wendy is also president of Women for Peace - Iowa, and has gotten some media coverage. Women for Peace know Wendy is a member of the Green Party, so there is awareness and outreach. Those groups will know we support them: "Be Seen Being Green."

Larry Orr - Right now, we're placeholders; our job is to keep ideas alive and we must maintain the progress we've made. Going to coalition events is a good opportunity. One thing Greens have is our 10 Key Values.


TREASURER: Ray Meyer accepted the position of treasurer. Daryl Northrop will be co-signer on the Iowa Green Party account.

CO-CHAIRS: Wendy is willing to remain as co-chair. Daryl Northrop is also willing to serve. (Wendy: this is a good ice-breakers at parties. Instead of saying "I'm a corporate peon," you can say, "I'm co-chair of the Green Party" and talk about your favorite issues.")

SECRETARY: Holly Hart is willing to remain as secretary.

Iowa Green Party DELEGATES to GREEN PARTY NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Larry Orr and Daryl Northrop are willing to continue as delegates; Florence Boos is willing to continue as alternate. Jim Paprocki expressed interest in becoming an alternate.

There were motions to thank Holly and Ted for continuing interest and service.

Rick Johnson was approved as Iowa Green Party Media Coordinator. David Larson has stepped down, being busy with other projects, and we thank him for his exemplary work over the past several years.



Ted Pfeiff reviewed Iowa Green Party income, including electronic funds transfers, and
Iowa Green Party budget. He presented three recommendations:

IV. Kelley Putman provided information about the ACLU dinner and talk this evening, and offered booklets on Gay Parenting. Kelley is on the ACLU's legal advisory board, and the major voice that advocated the ACLU to initiate the lawsuit on third party registration. She spoke about her work on the Johnson County Soil and Water Commission. She highly recommends Greens run for this or similar offices.


Larry Orr and Daryl Northrop reported on their work as national party delegates, and noted that they've never cancelled out each other's votes. Holly Hart is also on the National Committee, as delegate for the National Women's Caucus.

Larry attended the 2005 national meeting in Tulsa, specifically to try to heal a unnecessary "rift," which is still is there. There has been extreme divisiveness on part of several national delegates, two of whom have recently grown silent, one of whom has become a Democrat. Larry worked on brainstorming which led to new rules on netiquette. There is still a problem with too much from certain delegates swamping the national listservs, and unfortunately, the National Committee has lost some really strong, good people.

The national body involves several standing committees. Members must be approved for participation by their state parties, Recommended for their high degree of functionality, collegiality, necessity and potential to offer useful education and participation, are Finance, Fundraising, Annual National Meeting and Media.

Current Iowa Green Party members on national Green Party US committees:
Holly Hart: Platform, Bylaws, Media
Rick Johnson: Media
Wendy Barth, Bob Schultes; Peace Action

LUNCH at Thai Flavors -

AFTERNOON: 2:15 p.m. - ca. 4:30 p.m.

Wendy offered members "Iowans for Sensible Priorities" pens. Members talked about the Oreo-Mobile, and recommend getting involved if and when it comes our way. There are currently two Green Party presidential candidates for 2008: Nan Garret, of Georgia; Kat Swift, of Texas. Members hope to get one or both to Iowa next year.

Review of Iowa Green Party - Holly Hart reviewed its development, candidates, and current state. She will send the text to Florence Boos to post on the Iowa Green Party website.

"Campaign to End the Occupation" - The Iowa Green Party recently endorsed this campaign. Wendy asked to delegate to someone the role of Iowa Green Party liaison to the campaign.


I. Discussion on Governor's Race and Local Campaigns
We discussed our options for the gubernatorial race. It was agreed that, whatever happens, we wil run a candidate.

- Holly will create an updated Iowa Green Party delegate/alternate/officers/county contacts sheet.
- Holly will integrate Iowa Green Party bylaws and updates into a nicely formatted new document.

- INITIATIVES. These involve individual municipalities. Examples include Anti-war resolutions (such as recently successful in Wisconsin); and Climate Change. Jim is interested in the Anti-war initiative. Holly will send him the Wisconsin document. Jim will research requirements.

- WEBSITE Florence presented printouts of the current Iowa Green Party website. The website needs 2006 information and current press releases, and coordination between our several websites and blogs. Chapters should send Florence news throughout the year, and she will add them to the site. Holly will send Iowa Green Party history to Florence. Joe Aulwas volunteered to help modify the site's content and design.

Blog - Rick Johnson will prepare a press release of this meeting. He will plan coordinated releases - media, website, blog, and national party "states media listserv."

Florence reminded members of the Houseworks account, and will send a reminder to the work list.

Daryl displayed his Green Card, obtained by membership in the national party.

Uptown Bill's: We paid $150 for the room for the day. Attenders chipped in all but $20. Holly paid with a check, and will be reimbursed $20 from the Iowa Green Party account. We spent $24.68 for food (bagels and coffee) provided by Uptown Bill's. Holly paid by check, and will ask for re-imbursmenet from the Johnson County Green Party account.

Wendy Barth, Linn County - IAGP co-chair; potential 2006 IAGP gubernatorial candidate